The fire safety and security measures and techniques are the strategies that help victims of fire to manage and prevent the severe effects of fire which is made possible through effective use and application of the fire protection measures. The basic fire safety measures refer to the installations whose primary goal and function are to protect the home users and occupants against the severe fire effects keeping them a little safer any time a fire occurs. With the increased risks and chances as well as the rates at which fire may occur in the present day world, people have been creative and innovative enough to come up with a wide range of the fire safety measures, tools and equipments which help to manage the extent to which fires attack the victims in such happenings.


The fire extinguishers

They are rated among the most popular, prominent and widely used fire safety and security measures that are used not only in the residential places but also in the commercial centers as well. They help in the control and management of small fires and emergency situations and are the most helpful as they can be installed and constructed in the building with the intention of being used effectively and with ease by the home occupants and owners which make them handier. They come in a wide range of types just like any other types of tools and equipment in the market depending on the specified type of fire to be put out. You can get the help of experts from


The dry chemical extinguishers, for instance, are installed for the multipurpose fires. They come with an agent for putting off the fire with a propellant that is not only nonflammable and gas in nature but compressible as well. The water extinguishers are usable for only the ordinary combustible fires which are commonly known as the class A fires and come with water and a compressed gas as well. The carbon IV oxide types are the most effective as the gas they come with not only does not support combustion but also puts out fire from the large distances of about three to eight feet. Extinguishers should be fitted in the suitable areas of the home and training and wellness on the use created. For more references, visit


The fire blankets

They are suitable for putting out starting fires. They are put on or around the burning object and completely sealed to any solid item around the fire. View here to learn more.