Many organizations and companies have been facing some difficulties in incorporating the policies particularly considering the changes that were made in fire legislation in 2006. Any non-compliance with the fire standards that were set would with no doubt lead to prosecution and related penalties. The National Security Inspectorate on the other hand contrary explains how essential the legislative requirements are with the aim of catering for the gap between the fire authorities and the citizens. The NSI care to make people understand the benefits that planning and preventive measures can bring. People should have a clear understanding the reasons why fire prevention is essential to achieving protection and safety. There are a few points of concern that are going to be discussed in this article.


The designation of a responsible person. This position is always given to the owner or occupant of the premises. The task of the person involves the provision of fighting equipment for dealing with fire emergencies and conduction of fire risk assessment. Considering the big responsibilities burdened to the responsible person who is the owner of the premises, he is thereby expected to comply with the standards set by the law which otherwise would mean facing severe repercussions. It is also recommended that they follow the fire regulations which are set to avoid to put their employees and business at risk not only for the legal purposes. Learn more!


Fire prevention policies determine the safety of the premises. For the cases of severe fires in a premise and the investigation proves non-compliance, it means the refusal of financial aid from the insurance companies. The legalities involved are crucial for understanding to the business owner to ensure the safety and future of the business after a tragedy.


Protection of oneself is gained through self-regulation and continuous practice. We prevent fire to ensure the safety of our lives and properties. Organizations do not always see the advantage of the list of restrictions, but the more one involves their self in doing their part, the more they get to know the essence of taking care of the small fires that lead to big loses if not prevented. See this post for some facts:


Fire protection does not only involve homes but also businesses. The purpose of security remains the same despite that the regulations and requirements may differ by substance and form. In general, fires can be prevented from happening which can be achieved through complying with the regulatory requirement and constant awareness. However, when prevention leads people to practice the precautions of fire-related disasters, this responsibility becomes a form of discipline. Check it out!